Digitization in Knowledge transfer in respect of VRS optees of BSNL

BSNL -Digitization in Knowledge transfer in respect of VRS optees

No. STAFF/3-1/Circulars/VRS-2019/45

Dated at BG., 18.01.2020

All SSA Heads
Karnataka Circle

Sub: Knowledge transfer in respect of VRS optees – Reg.


In view of VRS opted by a large number of experienced employees, knowledge transfer is important. For preserving and disseminating knowledge about the work, an IT tool for the digitization of handing over notes and knowledge transfer has been specially made and the link has been provided on ktkint.

The link “VRS optees handing over note/knowledge transfer” is provided on ktkint under the “Report” information cupboard. After login to ktkint, VRS optees may click on Group of service against the SSA where he/she is working. Name of Controlling Officer of VRS optees shall need to be updated while filling up the data. Documents shall be uploaded by clicking the upload file link. An uploaded file may be handing over note, knowledge transfer documents or any other important information which may be required in the future and use to the working employees in the maintenance of services. Supervisory/Reporting officers may guide VRS optees in furnishing and sharing required information related to works in the form of handing over note and knowledge transfer documents. A total of three files can be uploaded in any format like word, excel, ppt, txt, jpeg, etc.

In the case of non-executives who do not have access to ktkint, their controlling officer shall get the required information and document it properly, take their signature and scan and upload in the website. After uploading of a file, it should be verified that the correct file is uploaded.

Before relieving the VRS optees, it may be ensured that Handing Over Note/Knowledge Transfer document is uploaded on the website. In case the knowledge transfer is not done / incomplete then his / her terminal benefits processing will be delayed until he/she completes a knowledge transfer document. For monitoring uploading work by VRS opted, one nodal officer at SSA level may be nominated to supervise this activity. For any difficulty/query Shri Aditya, JTO (IT), Mob No.7678258978, email id-adityakmr54@gmail.com may be contacted, please.

This issues with the approval of Competent Authority.

General Manager (HR/A)
Karnataka Circle
Bangalore 560 008

Read view/download pdf knowledge transfer in respect of VRS optees

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