NREGA Scheme: Uttar Pradesh Government to Provide Work for Migrates Returning from Cities to Village

NREGA Scheme: Uttar Pradesh Government plans to give jobs to people on a large scale, issued these instructions

Due to the lockdown done inside the country, a huge variety of industries are closed. In such a large quantity of human beings have back to their villages due to lack of employment. In view of the employment and earnings crisis facing such human beings, the Government of Uttar Pradesh has taken a large step. The Uttar Pradesh authorities have issued commands to all of the districts that each one those human beings who have returned from cities with their households to go to Goa and these humans in the event that they work under Mahatma Gandhi National Rural Employment Guarantee (NREGA) Scheme If you want to do this, then the activity playing cards of them ought to be made immediately.

These people will be named

According to the commands issued through the government, if someone has lower back after a long time and his name isn't always within the family's activity card, then his name should be added to the family's jobcard. On the opposite hand, humans whose jobcard is already made but misplaced or torn due to any reason, have been advised to be given a duplicate replica of the jobcard.

These people will get a job card based on priority

According to the commands issued by means of the authorities to the district administration, while issuing the process card, it said that these process cords should be made available on priority foundation to the deprived families of the society and the households of Mushar, Vantangia, Tharu, widow, female and disabled person. Has gone.

Work will start in these industries from April 20

  • Cold storage and warehousing service
  • Private Security and Office Management Services
  • Hotels, hotels or guesthouses where travelers are stranded because of lockdown
  • Ile Officer, Plumber, Motor Mechanic, IT Repair, Carpenter
  • Print, electronic media, cable, DTH services
  • Data on authorities activities, call facilities will open
  • Courier service, work of e-commerce companies
  • Supply of essential goods like e-trade corporation and grocery
  • Rural industries
  • IT hardware manufacturing
  • Supply of explosives vital for coal, mineral manufacturing and transportation, mining
  • Packaging enterprise manufacturing work
  • Special Economic Zone, Export Oriented Zone, Industries of Industrial Township,
  • Production paintings of factories engaged within the production of medicines and other critical goods
  • Works of rural food seasoned cessing enterprise
  • Oil and gas exploration work
  • Jute industry paintings
  • Countryside brick kiln

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