Restoration of old pension and NPS money will fill the coffers of the country: Amrik Singh


Restoration of old pension and NPS money will fill the coffers of the country: Amrik Singh

  • The treasury of the country will be filled with the money of NPS: Amrik Singh
  • Government to restore old pension soon by abolishing new pension scheme (NPS)

NPS latest news: At present, the epidemic of Caronavirus is spreading in the country, due to which the government has been forced to the lockout, which has hit the poorest and middle class of the country, many big capitalists have disappeared in this time of crisis. There are almost all types of government employees, whether they are police, health, railways, bank ordinance, etc. Department employees have emerged as Corona warriors.

While issuing the press statement, Amrik Singh Executive Chairman IREF, Organization Secretary NMOPS, and Convenor Front Against NPS in Railways, while informing the press said that this coronavirus has ruined the economy of developing countries including the superpowers of the world. It is time that the government of the country takes appropriate decisions in the country and public interest so that our resources are not reduced in the fight against this virus and for this the most important economy A side should be strong.

We are claiming on behalf of the Indian Railway Employees Federation (IREF), NMOPS and FANPSR that if the Government of India takes all the money in its control from the new pension scheme (NPS) which is handed over to private companies, then the treasury of the government I will get crores of rupees, Due to which they will not have to spread their hands in front of anyone in the hour of this calamity and with this, there are thousands of MPs, MLAs, etc. who are taking a pension from 5-6 to 12-12, it is an additional burden on the treasury of the country. Therefore, the Government of India should cite an example and leave a pension of such people and take back the rest, which would be an appropriate step in the interest of the country.

He further said that at this time the stock market is at a very low level, so the employees' NPS money can sink, but this is the right time the government can use it properly by converting NPS money to GPF. He further said that till January 30, 2020, 136078.63 crore rupees of central employees and 205737.24 ₹ crores of state governments are deposited in the market-based NPS scheme, which if the government does not withdraw in time, then due to the fall in the stock market, they will almost drown. It is certain that we will have recovered from this crisis by the time the employees do not retire today.

It may be noted that in NPS, the government deposits 10% of the basic and DA of the employee, and the government deposits 14% of the shares. Neither the employee nor the government will be benefited due to the constantly falling stock market, while the government employees are the first to get in any trouble. The Front Against NPS in Railways has been continuously trying to convince the government from various forums, including the evidence, as a result of which various MPs, MLAs have many times demanded the restoration of old pension in Parliament and Legislatures.

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