7th Pay Commission: Double Benefit in salary of Central government employee and pensioners in the new year

7th Pay Commission: Double Benefit in the salary of Central government employee and pensioners in the new year, Significant change in Salary

The Gujarat government (Gujarat) has given a major blessing in the new year to its 5.11 lakh workers and 4.5 lakh retired people. The legislature has reported a 5% expansion in its DA. Gujarat Deputy CM Nitin Patel said that this blessing is from the legislature to the state government workers and beneficiaries. Presently they will get 17% DA. 

1. The arrear will be found in pieces 

Nitin Patel told that now compensation will accompany new DA. In any case, from January to July 2019, unpaid debts will be given in portions. This expansion will be considered from 1 January 2019. That is, government representatives will get a half year overdue debts. With this expansion, the exchequer will have a weight of Rs 1821 crore. 

2. How much advantage 

All India Account and Audit Committee General Secretary HS Tiwari said that expanding the 4% DA implies that the level 1 representatives, whose fundamental is Rs 18000 every month, will get a pay increment of Rs 900 every month. 

3. Increment in travel allowance

As per HS Tiwari, with the expansion in dearness recompense, travel remittance (TA) of Gujarat government representatives will likewise increment. This will build the TA of Level 1 representatives from Rs 67.50 to Rs 360 every month. 

4. 4% expansion in DA 

It is additionally announced that Dearness Allowance is relied upon to increment by 4% this time. The All India Consumer Price Index (AICPI) information for November 2019 has expanded to 328 focuses. From July 2019 to November 2019, there has been an expansion of 9 focuses. At the present time, focal representatives are getting 17% DA. 

5. State employees will get double advantage 

States which have not yet expanded the DA for January-July 2019 under the seventh Pay Commission. Government workers there are relied upon to have a double advantage. Since on 31 January 2020, the image of the amount DA will increment in July-December 2019 will likewise be clear. As indicated by Harishankar Tiwari, DA will increment by 4% in July-December 2019. With this, the state representatives can get DA from January to December 2019 together. That is, they can get the advantage of 9% (5% + 4%) DA.


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